Interview: Kara Lynne Talks Limited Run Games & What’s Next!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been covering an incident between Limited Run Games, its community manager, and the Twitter mob. Former LRG employee Kara Lynne recently went public with her story about what happened on the day she lost her job at the video game publisher. Unfortunately, someone or multiple people overseeing LRG decided that a Twitter tempest in a teapot was of enough concern to terminate an otherwise stellar employee.

I contacted Kara Lynne to see if she’d be willing to discuss the situation. We wanted to know what got her into the gaming industry and if she still has that passion after leaving Limited Run Games. With a massive outpouring of support, we wanted to know what Lynne had on the horizon. What words of support would she give to someone else who faced the cancel culture mob?

Kara Lynne was in good spirits when I spoke with her. She’s a friendly young woman with a passion for gaming and everything in nerdom. While saddened by the events that removed her from a company she loved, Lynne harbors no ill will towards Limited Run Games. Although she understands that people will vote with their wallets, she rightfully points out that not supporting the publisher also hurts the developers who rely on LRG to get their art out to the public.

Companies worldwide need to understand that social media makes up only a tiny part of reality. A couple hundred or thousand people posting angry words or memes does not indicate the real world. Instead, pay attention to who is leading a charge and demanding someone be fired. Look into that “leader” and if they have a track record of calling for heads to roll to satiate some misplaced righteousness.

Do not treat groups as infallible monoliths. No group of people is immune from criticism or parody. Tweets are not the actual test of a person’s character. If that were the case, most of the “righteous warriors” working the mobs into frenzies would face the same repercussions in a just world.

However, there is no justice. There is just us.

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