Video: Blaire White Talks YouTube Success

Over the past decade, the “Influencer” has become the newest type of celebrity. For years we had Hollywood stars, reality TV stars, singers, and various news media talking heads who would become gain celebrity status in their own right. Now, a YouTuber has the potential to usurp the popularity of even the most established entertainment industry icon. Even YouTube channels can garner more views than traditional television channels. Blaire White started her YouTube channel in November 2015. She almost immediately shot to E-Celeb status thanks to her personality and unique position as one of the few trans personalities on the video hosting platform. By discussing semi-taboo issues like transitioning and gender dysphoria at the time, Blaire found an audience with others who felt like they did not have a voice or person to turn to who could relate to these issues. #BlaireWhite #Trans #YouTuber #Influencer

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