Stephen Rutterford Talks ‘Finding Ophelia’

Today we spoke with writer/director Stephen Rutterford about his upcoming supernatural thriller called Finding Ophelia. The film stars Jimmy Levar and will be available on June 23rd via Tubi, Amazon Video, and GooglePlay. Finding Ophelia is a unique cinematic experience. Liken it to being in a dream. Not everything will make sense, but you’ll certainly remember the visuals and sounds. It was a nice departure from the other supernatural films that have come our way this year. NEW YORK ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE WILLIAM EDGAR (JIMMY LEVAR) IS MESMERIZED BY A SERIES OF HYPNOTIC DREAMS THAT BLUR THE LINES BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY. HIS LIFE IS THROWN INTO DISARRAY WHEN FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HIS CAREER, HIS RELATIONSHIPS AND HIS ROMANTIC OBSESSION WITH A MYSTERIOUS WOMAN (CHRISTINA CHU). DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND HER, LEADS DOWN A BIZARRE, DARK PATH OF SIGNS AND WONDERS, WILLIAM SOON DISCOVERS THAT FINDING THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS CAN BE A NIGHTMARE. #horror #interview #newyork

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