Hell Fest Interview (Raw Audio) – Gregory Plotkin, Gale Anne Hurd, Roby Attal, and Christian James


Earlier this year Meagan Navarro (Bloody Disgusting), Zach D Roberts (ComicBook.com), and I got to visit the set of ‘Hell Fest.’ During this set visit, a lot of information was on hand that could be considered a spoiler: who dies, who survives, who the killer is, what weapons our villain uses, etc. If you’re like me, then spoilers take away all the fun from a horror flick. So, we’ve tailored this set visit to be quite spoiler-free. From the highway on this cold winter day, a particular seasonal water park appears to be alive. Lights are ablaze. Bodies are moving to and fro. Fog is building between the pine trees and the various rides. A telescoping boom lift can be seen slowly maneuvering the twisting walkways with its precious cargo of high-powered lighting rigs. Yes, there is life in this park, but not sparked by thrills seekers. The commotion is result of an ongoing film production from CBS Films! Gregory Plotkin, the director of ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ and the man responsible for editing 2017’s seminal masterpiece ‘Get Out’ helms the theme-parked slasher, ‘Hell Fest.’ Set amongst the tall pine trees, Plotkin and his team have disguised a cheery waterpark into a believable Halloween-themed event, where not all the scares are manufactured by ghastly props or masked employees.

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