Allison Pregler Talks Movie Nights

Though being a cord-cutter is a liberating experience, it does also leave one with limited options for on-demand entertainment if your tastes are a bit more obscure. Thus, we brave souls who have been released from the shackles of corporate television wandered forth into the unknown. On this quest, it became apparent that stream content would be the future. While browsing the magical landscape of YouTube, I came across a channel called ‘Movie Nights.’ The videos, typically narrated on screen and off by Allison Pregler, consisted of a jawdropping amount of nostalgia that was both wonderfully cheesy and pleasurably cringy. There was no shortage of the sparkling teeth and curls known as David Hasselhoff, and the stoic quantum catapulting of Scott Bakula. Yes, the woman who is also known as Obscurus Lupa managed to take me back to that time when my family was at the mercy of my dad’s remote control. A price cannot be put on that nostalgia. Well, technically a monetary value can be assigned, so head on over to her Patreon after checking out our interview with Miss Pregler here.

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