Exclusive: Kelli Sae Talks ‘Disco, Dicks And Dykes!’

a departure from our usual geek and nerd interviews, we’ve got musician Kelli Sae. She currently has a one-woman show running at The Public Theater in NYC. We sat down to talk about her career, music and growing up in The City.

Tickets to Kelli Sae’s ‘Disco, Dicks And Dykes!’ show can be found here. Check out Discogs for her entire discography. You can also catch up with Kelli on her Instagram.

Hilarious! Witty! Entertaining! Naughty! Are just a few words that describe “Disco, Dicks And Dykes!” New York born and bred Performer, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Comedian and now Playwright Kelli Sae Stars in this cutting edge One Woman Show. “Disco, Dicks And Dykes” tells the story of Kelli Sae’s fascinating journey and the coming of age of a young woman growing up in New York City. In a side-splitting, comedic fashion she details the bumpy road of life defining events navigating her way through the music industry and discovering her sexuality. Backed by an incredible live band, Kelli’s performance and euphonious voice leave you feeling uplifted and transported.

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