Disney Quietly Deletes “Sexist” #MeToo Blooper from ‘Toy Story 2’ Blu-ray Release

I love jokes. Jokes at the expense of me. Jokes at the expense of others. Jokes are jokes. Jokes can shed truth on a real issue. Jokes can make the existence of a real issue much more palatable to the general public. There is not a single subject that should not be torn apart by a humorous anecdote or parody. No one, absolutely no one is forcing you to endure humor you do not like. So, why are moral busybodies again brandishing the swords they’ve sharpened over the graves of many ruined careers now? Because The Mouse did not issue a statement condemning a single joke that was part of a blooper reel that could only be seen on a DVD release of a film that came out nearly 20 years ago.

Disney did not virtue signal hard enough for LA Times “culture columnist/critic” Mary McNamara. According to McNamara, “…the quiet excision of a fake “blooper” that perfectly encapsulates part of the Hollywood mythology that has allowed women to be harmed by so many for so long without comment seems an enormous missed opportunity.” Jokes cannot be made, apparently, about anything that is a current hot button topic.  #MeToo, which could have been a very powerful and much-needed movement in Hollywood, fizzled out not too long ago. The industry still has a sexual abuse problem and an even bigger pedophile issue, both here and in the UK. Sadly, a few bad apples managed to ruin something important with their stupidity and hypocritical nature.

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