Talking with Steve Guttenberg

Yesterday seemed pretty normal. I had interviews lined up for that afternoon, and a number more were getting prepped for later in the week. For the past few days I’d been talking with Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob) about which celebs he’d like to interview for his much more popular YouTube channel. He mentioned that his ultimate goal would be to have Steve Guttenberg on. Being a long time fan of Steve’s, I thought this would turn out to be a great pairing. I knew Guttenberg’s manager, and passed that info on to Brad.

As is the case sometimes when it comes to Hollywood, it’s not always easy to get things like interviews set up if you’re not a major network or big name personality. However, I’ve been in this business a long time and have the reputation for being the Juggernaut. I’m going to deliver on my word, no matter what.

I reached out to Mr. Guttenberg’s manager early in the day, and while I was out of my office a phone call came in from one of those oh-so-familiar California area codes. What I wasn’t expect was news that Steve was available right that very minute! Still in my car, nowhere near the Syxx Sense Media studio, I had to think quick. I may be super flexible with my ability to interview people wherever and whenever, but does Brad have this luxury? Screw it, I’ll take the gamble. I said we’d be available in 15 minutes.

I quickly parked at my office and dialed Brad’s phone … No answer. Shit! I tried calling him via Facebook. Again, no answer. Oh, damn! Do I have to interview Steve Guttenberg on my own?! I’m running down the blistering pavement towards my office calling Brad a third time. And here’s how it all went down:

And now, the interview itself:

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