The Body Positivity Project

Around ten years ago I was a rather large fellow. Tipping the scale at over 300 lbs., I was plagued by health issues and refused to make any sort of lifestyle change. Then the recession hit, and for the first time since 1994 I was without a job. Saddled with nothing but bills and a new gym subscription, I was forced to deal with the harshness of unemployment by sticking to a rigorous routine to save money and my sanity.

7:30AM I’d wake up, go to the gym, and then bike on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail for two hours. After five months I saw the incredible change this lifestyle had made, both physically and mentally. I’d lost over 90 lbs. My self-confidence had increased so much that I was dating women I’d once thought far out of my league.

Objectively, my body is not perfect. I could lose more weight, but I’ve found a size that fits me not only emotionally, but health wise. And that is where the two roads meet. There is an idealized image of beauty, and I cannot deny that it is alluring, but it simply is not feasible for everyone whether it be for medical reasons and genetics. However, that does not mean that we should not try to find that middle ground where our physical and mental health can join forces to make a happy individual.

So, I’ve started this project to focus on individuals who have overcome weight issues, either obesity or anorexia, and found the perfect middle ground. Now, words are all fine and dandy, but to show that I’m serious about this effort I’ve put myself front and center of this whole thing.

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