Syxx Sense Media on BitChute

It is hard to ignore an event like the almost simultaneous banning of Infowars. I have no love for Alex Jones, and find nearly all of his statements to be at the most reprehensible and, at the least, tabloid garbage. He does, however, still deserves the right to spew stupidity as long as it does not violate a company’s TOS.

It is odd that after years of having an online presence, his accounts were all taken down within a span of a couple days with no clear-cut statement as to which video, remark, or image his company published that violated all these varying rules across multiple platforms, while many other accounts which freely post prejudicial or sexist material remain not only active, but verified by the various hosting sites.

That said, I’ve started to move my content to other websites. Not out of fear, mind you, but because I do not feel my ideas and creative works should be making money for corporations that do not value equal application of their rules.

Though it is an undertaking, we’re working on getting the worthwhile stuff over to the following sites:

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