Coming Soon to FanBolt: Obscurus Lupa and DJ Slope Interviews!



Your oh-so humble juggernaut of entertainment journalism has been a bustlin’ with work these past few weeks. From the Hell Fest set visit to a plethora of interviews, the entries to my portfolio just keep coming. If my works were to become an anthropomorphic personification, it would be a fine fat goose. A fine gift for my goodly wife.

It is true that a number of my recent interviews have been for more mainstream films and events, that does not mean that I’ve forgotten what I love covering: indie media. Yes, above all other things entertainment industry related, it is the indie scene that I love the most. From the hundreds of articles during my Dread Central days to the short Syxx Pixx series on Bloody Disgusting, the things I write most passionately about revolve around the little guy/gal who is carving out a piece of that fame pie on their own.

During the past couple weeks I’ve reached out to YouTube content creators that piqued my interest. The requirements were not exactly strict, but the subjects themselves had to have a unique perspective and an identity all their own. It couldn’t be something like a vlog or endless unscripted rambling. What I was looking for were people who had “it.” You know, that special something that makes you want to come back week after week to see what else they had to say even if the subject matter wasn’t (on its own) all that interesting.

The first two people I decided to track down were DJ Slope and Obscurus Lupa. Also known as Daniel Ibbertson and Allison Pregler, these two content creators focus on nostalgia from our pasts, but from two entirely different mediums. Dan’s passion is aimed at the history of video games and Allison’s sets her sights on film & TV cheese from the ’80s and ’90s.

Within the next week, look for interviews with both of these talented YouTubers to be up on Until then, check out a selection of their videos below:

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