The Russian Bride & The American Madman

I’ve often wondered what it will be like under our Russian overlords. According to the trustworthy corporate news media outlets, bots from the land of the unicycle bears have infiltrated everything: Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the memoirs of Julie Child. Everything! Now they’ve even infiltrated cinema!

OK, that’s enough Alex Jonesing for one day.

The Russian Bride‘ comes to us courtesy of producer Jeff Miller, the gentleman responsible for getting ‘Inoperable’ out to the masses (check out our interview with that film’s director here). The film “stars Corbin Bernsen (“L.A. Law,” THE DENTIST), Oksana Orlan, and 11-year-old supermodel Kristina Pimenova (who has over 6 million social media followers) in her first major acting role. The feature is starting to make the rounds to festivals. THE RUSSIAN BRIDE concerns a young Russian woman (Orlan) and her daughter (Pimenova) who come to America to marry a reclusive billionaire (Bernsen), but they soon discover he is a madman with sinister plans and find themselves fighting for their lives.”

Check out ‘The Russian Bride‘ on social media here.


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