Did EB Games Promote Molestation?

In 2003 I was dating a woman who lived about 100 miles away from Tampa. It was one of those relationships where you start to think, “Why the hell am I wasting time, money, and the wear on my car?” Since I wasn’t able to find someone else who was as oversexed as me, she had to do.

To counterbalance the money it took to drive to the other side of the state every weekend, I needed a second job. At that time there was a EB Games (slowly transitioning into a GameStop) just down the road from my place. The original manager had hired me, but he was fired. So, I was stuck in this weird employment limbo before the new manager was on-boarded. This guy was a classic preppy douche, the kind you don’t really see today outside of frat houses. He was big on oneupmanship, drove a car he couldn’t afford, and was easily intimidated by men larger than him.

For more on how this ended up with me getting molested by said manager, check out the video below:

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